New Personal Bests for Daily, Weekly, Monthly Ride Distance

May 8, 2012

Fueled in large part by my first-ever full Prairie Spirit Trail ride, I recently set new personal best mileage benchmarks for daily, weekly, and monthly ride distance.

On Saturday, April 28th, the first day of the PST ride, I rode roughly 55 miles – my first-ever half century, an exciting milestone.  This surpassed my previous single-day high water mark of 41 miles on April 8th.

The week ending April 29th was my furthest-distance week, at 128 miles, surpassing my previous best, which was 104 miles on the week ending 4/8/2012.

Most satisfyingly, because it is indicative of consistent effort on the bike, the month of April was by far my furthest-mileage month to date.  I put in 330 rolling miles in April, more than 50% better than my previous best of 210 in January 2012.

Much of May is spent out of town on business and pleasure, so I’m not expecting of myself to surpass these numbers right away; but they stand as my current targets to surpass for daily, weekly, monthly mileage.


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