3/9/2012 Hwy59 Ride (Images from the Road)

March 10, 2012

Been light on updates lately.  A combination of work, uncooperative weather, and a brutal cold/ear infection has kept my riding time very limited the last couple weeks.  But, I’m still around and still focused on the big goals  🙂

Yesterday I got in a good 18.2 mile ride south on Highway 59, my favorite local route.

I’ll blog a little more later about this ride – because it marked an evolution in “the strategy” – but for now, suffice for some “images from the road” along with my attempt at artistic expression of the range of feelings created by bicycling.


Cycling in Kansas.

I’ve always been fascinated by uninhabited buildings, for whatever reason.  I prefer abandoned, aging buildings – I find these intriguing.  But in the case of the above, this is a newly-built strip mall on H59 that is yet to have occupants.  I’ve passed this thing many times on the bike, and finally got a quick shot of it while passing by.

I call this one “Man at Work & Play”.

Portrait of the author in motion.

Another sign for my “collection”.  See this post for explanation.

Near ride’s end.

The last turn.  Home again.  Till next adventure.


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