New Personal Weekly Distance Best (84.3 miles)

January 29, 2012

I logged 84.3 miles on the bike this week, which was not only a personal best for me but exceeded almost any 2 combined weeks since I started biking regularly in September.

I’ve broken my own intention to increase my mileage only gradually.  My previous best week – January 2nd thru 8th – was about 51 miles, so I exceeded that by more than 60% this week.  I reasoned that the maxim about increasing mileage only gradually is progressively more flexible the lower your starting mileage – increasing by 20, 30% when you’re doing 50 mile weeks, as long as you’re feeling strong, isn’t the same exertion as increasing 20% when you’re doing 125-mile weeks – but even so, I arguably overdid it, and I felt it a little today.  All the more so because in my wisdom I chose to crown the week with a very hilly (for my weight/fitness) climb north from Ottawa on Highway 59.  My body let me know after only a few miles that I should have taken today as a rest day, and as soon as was practicable, I returned.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  I love that almost every single ride as I work up the the PST challenge and, beyond that, the Katy, is an object lesson in long-range cycling.  Mistakes are made, lessons analyzed and learned, and progress occurs.  I will hold steady at roughly 50-75 mile weeks for at least a fortnight.

Tomorrow is a rest day for sure 🙂 Very soon, I’ll be itching to hit the road again with my baby.


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