Prairie Spirit Trail ride 1/2/2012

January 9, 2012

First time back on the bike after being out of town for the holidays.  Took a 13.4 mile ride, basically south on Prairie Spirit Trail (“PST”) and then back home on Highway 59.  Following are some pictures from that ride (first time I’ve documented a ride with pictures) and captions expanded from texts originally sent to my parents.

Dawn Patrol.

Good ‘n cold.

PST heading out of Ottawa, curving around with the interstate just a little ahead. Picture is taken just after the beginning of the predominant surface of PST, crushed compacted limestone.  The first couple miles of the trail in Ottawa are paved.

Looking back at the trail from the same point.

My current baby. Pretty sure it’s a girl’s bike which I didn’t realize when I bought it 🙂 On the seat are my gloves and a little pouch for my phone, which I clip onto my handlebars.

Girl’s bike or no, though, she’s been good to me.  I don’t consider it hyperbole to say that she saved my life in fact. I’ll miss her when I upgrade to a better quality bicycle. Here (atop the handlebars) you can see the headlight I bought & attached for night-time biking.

A little brook or creek a few miles further down PST. I like this picture.

Lots and lots and lots of kindling on the trail (I got my mom an outdoor chiminea for Christmas, and now I see kindling everywhere 🙂 )

Very cute little bird nest I saw beside the trail. Scale of the picture is deceiving and makes the nest seem much bigger than it was.

Different angle.

PST stretching on ahead, just waiting for me to conquer. I biked back on Highway 59.

Highway 59 parallels PST for miles. Great wide shoulders for cycling. This is looking back north toward Ottawa:

…and looking south down Highway 59. This highway is actually recommended for cyclists by KDOT due to the wide biking lane/shoulder and light-to-moderate traffic.  I bike on here frequently.

Back to the outskirts of Ottawa now, roughly 3 miles from home.

The water tower in Ottawa, 1 mile from home. When I first bought my bike it was hard work for me to ride here & back home. We’ve come a long way baby 🙂


One Response to “Prairie Spirit Trail ride 1/2/2012”

  1. mrron2u said

    Very cool! It was funny – the first thing I thought was “that’s a girls bike!”. But then you acknowledged it – still if it serves you well, who should really care – right?

    I enjoyed the pictures. I look forward to reading more.

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