My First Half Century! …well, sorta…

January 9, 2012

Immersing yourself in the lingo of long-range cyclists, you quickly pick up several phrases and motifs.  One of the first I learned was the “century”, which is cycling 100 miles in a single day.

The first major goal of many long-range cyclists is the “half century” – you guessed it, a 50 mile ride.

Well, I’m not able to fit into those shoes, as it were, just yet, but this week I did accomplish a “half century” of another sort: my first 50+ mile week.

Since purchasing the long-range cyclist’s bible, I’ve been diligent about following the wisdom of these giants on whose shoulders I stand – among which, the cyclist intending to ride long distances should increase his weekly mileage only gradually, not by bursts – maybe 10% or so per week.  This week, at 51 miles, I exceeded my previous best of 43 miles and still needed to force myself into rest days on Friday and Sunday. I’m eager as all hell to ride more miles, but I am approaching it strategically, confident that there will be large victories on future days.

Interesting (unplanned) coincidence: 51 miles is the length of the Prairie Spirit Trail 🙂  It won’t be terribly long before I bike in one eagerly-anticipated day the full distance that I logged this week.


One Response to “My First Half Century! …well, sorta…”

  1. mrron2u said

    I’m so glad you started up this blog. It is making me think seriously about starting one of my own for my running/fitness goals this year. very cool how you add images to go along with the rides. Keep it up and I look forward to following your progress!

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